The Morgue

The Morgue Poster

The Estate has been left abandoned and rotting for as long as you can remember.

The mysterious 'Howe Security' are offering lucrative contracts for Security teams to patrol the empty sprawling Estate.

Patrolling empty buildings? Sounds like easy money. Some might question why security is needed for abandoned buildings, but you're just thinking about pay day...

It's midnight. It's your first shift and you've been assigned to patrol The Morgue.

You've heard the ridiculous rumours that no one ever clocks out of this shift. But you need this job, and it's not like you're going to be on your own in there, you've got your team with you... haven't you?


Max: 8

person person person person person person person person


This version has no live actors and is 60 minutes. This game is strictly over 16’s. Please be advised, this is a very challenging game and we strongly recommend a minimum of 3 players unless you are experienced players.

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