Elfy Is Missing!

Elfy Is Missing! Poster

Elfy is Missing: Ho-Ho-Ho Done It?

Step into a whimsical winter wonderland, where the merry magic of Christmas is at stake! Elfy, Santa's most cherished elf, has vanished, and you've been wrongfully accused of the disappearance.

Plunged into Jingle Jail with just one hour to spare before your sentencing, you must embark on a thrilling escape adventure!

Race against time as you decipher puzzling clues, unlock hidden secrets, and work together to clear your name. But that's not all—you'll need to outsmart the mischievous culprits who framed you and uncover the true identity of Elfy's kidnapper!

Will you save Christmas and prove your innocence, or will you face the consequences of a festive frame-up?

Gather your fellow sleuths and get ready for an unforgettable holiday quest where every second counts!

Your adventure begins now!


Max: 6

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